Case Study


ATL Collective: The Artist Repository

Jasmin Warnock, Marketing Intern

When ATL Collective first began in 2009 as an open mic night, its mission was to connect Atlanta’s musicians with the community. By embodying a true collective, they have since transitioned to a non-profit bringing the vibrant voices of Atlanta’s musicians together by providing generative connections that boost musical careers and connecting undiscovered artists with Atlanta’s music community. 

Since 2009, ATL Collective has hosted over 128 different live shows and concerts. However, the organization lacked an organized platform to capture its robust network of artists, or even codify how many artists had benefited from its work.

Enter stage left, Magenta. With the help of the Magenta team, ATL Collective developed an Artist Repository, laying the groundwork for an online database by collecting information from every musician who had ever participated in an ATL Collective event. All of ATL Collectives’ musicians' information is now located in one place, including images, contact methods, social links, and streaming platforms. Magenta continues to work with ATL Collective to further develop the Artist Repository and other forums to connect their musicians and members to the Atlanta community easily. Read on to learn more about Magenta’s implementation of ATL Collective’s Artist Repository.

Client Snapshot

ATL Collective is a non-profit organization that enriches lives by uniting Atlanta’s music community and providing resources to sustain musical careers. 

Client Challenges: The Concert Archive

Since ATL Collectives’ founding in 2009, the organization has hosted over 128 concerts and events. Each show has a unique lineup of artists from all around Atlanta. ATL Collective wants to bridge the gap between Atlanta’s artists and community. They knew they would benefit from an organized forum allowing people to easily connect with their artists. Initial challenges ATL Collective faced included:

  • Identifying musicians using solely ATL Collective’s Concert Archive (128 separate shows, searching through lineups and photos).
  • Obtaining musicians’ contact information as there was no connection to artists’ emails, websites, music, or social mediaIdentifying what each artist does, including their art forms or occupations to  create a complete and accurate artist profile.

Enter Magenta

Magenta saw a need to organize and formulate a system to identify ATL Collectives’ artists with the community easily. Drawing from the Concert Archive, Magenta prepared an artist repository, identifying each artist with their performance pictures, contact information, social media accounts, and original music.

  • Strategy 1: Creating the Artist Repository with easily identifiable information and folders.
  • Strategy 2: Using social media, search engines, and email database/CRM tools to conduct research to obtain contact information for artists.
  • Strategy 3: Making the Artist Repository accessible through ATL Collectives website and other platforms.


Since Magenta has undertaken the Artist Repository:

  • 325 artists have been identified.
  • Extensive information has been obtained for 181 artists.
  • Completed contact sheets and sourced Concert Archive images for 23 artists to include on ATL Collective’s website.
  • Approximately 500 concert pictures have been added to individual Artist Folders.

Magenta continues to research and post information for artists to grow the repository. The next step is taking the Artist Repository live to the public through ATL Collective’s website. By implementing the artist repository on their website, ATL Collective will be able to connect, amplify, and empower the voices of their artists within the Atlanta community. Now after a show, patrons can easily connect and continue their support of their favorite ATL Collective musicians.

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